Workforce Healthcare Tracker

Operations and HR staff need to protect the health of their employees and customers. Doing this requires seamless tracking to ensure that sick employees do not infect other workers on the floor or back of house. More importantly, sick employees need quick access to medical attention. Workforce Healthcare Tracker is a frictionless mobile solution to track sick employees at the employee entrance or anywhere on the property. The standard surveillance workflow follows the World Health Organization tracking and surveillance guidance. The solution tracks temperature and symptoms and can schedule medical follow-ups automatically through your healthcare payor or provider.

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Outsourced Marketing and Finance Analysts

Casino Science offers a flexible approach to managing the full spectrum of your organization’s casino marketing and finance needs through our outsourced analyst offering. Core analyst functions are staffed with a Casino Science resource, alleviating the challenges associated with finding a full-time resource in a competitive or destination market. Analyst responsibilities are tailored towards your specific requirements and can elastically scale up/down based on your business needs.

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Quantitative Player Segmentation

Knowing your segments is fundamental to profitability. We automate segmentation of players into actionable groups, based on recency, frequency and monetary value of play. You can self-serve on CSBI (our SaaS solution), fine tune quantitative segmentation with our help, or engage us for in-depth segmentation studies. Our results are visual.

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Player Reinvestment

Apply science to your player re-investment decisions. We inform your investments with in-depth analysis of natural segmentation, current and historical promotion returns, and composite player factors. We empower you to create and measure data-driven promotions for stronger targeted returns.

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Promotion ROI

CSBI delivers self-serve ROI calculations based on promotional redemptions and cost data (fixed and variable). Additionally, Casino Science offers advanced ROI and lift calculations that distinguish promotion results from likely results without promotion, according to player statistics. Your promotions become more data-driven, consistent, and targeted.

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Promotion Testing

Controlled promotions empower you to plan high potency responses. Our process separates historical promotion results from noise and guides future promotions with data. We unearth experimental results from recommended tests that you apply to overall promotion design. This imbues purpose, predictability and measurability into promotions.

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Locational Analysis

Keep players frequenting your properties and forestall migratory losses. CSBI shows player densities by location, on an interactive map. When we graph ADT and RFM scores onto locations, you raise your geographic marketing game. Map demographic differentiators and your own custom factors. Use CSBI to find natural geographic segments and drive the point home in executive presentations.

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Player Demographic / Psychographic Analysis

Supercharge player segmentation with psychographic analysis and find hidden value in data you already have. We leverage your demographic and psychographic data or arrange for customer surveys to generate it for you. We then combine it with locational and RFM analysis to reveal customer patterns and segments for you to pursue. Find new market niches within your customer base and grow them.

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Slot Floor Optimization

Is your floor configuration optimized for highest and best use? We detect the current state of your slot floor from multiple perspectives, then calculate alternative configurations expected to create lift. We apply our optimization algorithms to identify options and trade offs. You choose, reconfigure and measure -- either one section at a time or over entire properties.

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